Saturday, May 30, 2015

Shirt from H&M
Skirt from Shop Thrift Market
Oxfords from Aldo
Layered necklace from Quirky Avenue

Finally we're at the last day of my Singapore trip, hence the title Singa-four! Haha witty right, it was a kid's idea! :)

The last day was all given to shopping and roaming around the city. It's really a good thing that the city kept some of the british architecture, it was a good balance with the skyscraper buildings. To my outfit, I wore this beautiful and feminine midi skirt I got from Shop Thrift Market. I really felt all girly wearing it, especially if paired with a good pair of stilettos. But with all the walking and to balance the feminine look of my skirt, I matched it with a white shirt and an oxford. Voila, ready to go!

Singapore, may be a small city but there's a lot to explore and each street has a lot of story to tell. I definitely will be back!


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