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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

I still considered myself as very young mom. I actually thought that I would become a mom at the age of 30, you know to be as prepared as I can be in all aspects. But life really has a way of teasing us, I actually become a mom at the age of 25 and honestly, it scares me in ways unimaginable.
But when I have come to terms to the fact that I’m a mom (I considered myself a mom from the time that we know I was pregnant), I have already laid out in my head a few things I wanted to be as a mom/parent:

1.       I have heard and read a few things about positive and positive teaching most of the preschools are employing right now, and it strongly appeals to me as a parent. I still have a lot to learn on how I will apply it to Niklaus. Good thing, I still have a few years/months before the real struggle begins. Check more of this positive parenting here and here.

2.       I’ve recently come across the term “minimalist parenting”, this is one of the ideas in my mind that I thought of before but didn’t know there was a term for it. What I had in mind is that I don’t want my son to have so much toys, I want him to play with people, with us, with his environment. I want him to make his own toys out of the resources available. Actually, this minimalist thing wouldn’t only apply to my parenting style but to our lifestyle as well. I’ve got a lot of researching to do. This article  provides four steps to minimalist parenting. 

3.       As much as I love to read books, I’m really struggling to squeeze it, so thankfully, there’s this show on Netflix entitled “The Beginning of Life”. I am just on the first episode and I’ve already learned so much. I really need to finish this show. The show is a documentary on how we develop from infancy. It showcases people and experts from around the world; different methods and techniques on how an infant can fully develop his learning capabilities.

I love what one expert said on human brain, he said that our brain function three times more during 0-3 years than the rest of our lives. It was an AHA moment for me and a great challenge as a parent. Another one said that, we were not born on a blank slate, there are so many knowledge stock in our brain and all it needed is a bit of spark to light them up.

So based on what I’ve watched so far, here are the things that I will infuse more in Niklaus’ everyday activity:
a.       Again, to expose him to more people, this is really important, fellow parents, studies shows that a child’s social skills has a huge contribution on its cognitive development.
b.      Let them be children, let them be curious about all the things around them. At this early stage, our child is still exploring and learning all things about his existence and the new world he is into. So what we parents can do is to provide an environment that will encourage curiosity and keep them from learning without actually feeling like they are being taught to. Play time is very important and the best way to infuse those learnings we want to teach our children.
c.       To ensure that for the times that I am at home, I get to spend it with him. Talking, playing, reading books and singing songs for him, these are the activities that we always do everyday. 

So there you have it. These are only a few of what I have thought of and applying right now. And I know these do not cover all aspects, so I have a lot of catching up on researching and figuring things out as we go along way. 

Thankfully, I have a partner to think this through. I really salute all the parents out there, our parents who have strived and are striving to be the best for their children and give them the best they can. 

Hope that this post helps you on your parenting, too. I would love to know your parenting style that really works so I can copy and apply them to my son. Let me know on the comment section below. 

Thank you!



Thursday, March 23, 2017

Recently, Netflix has added one of my favorite TV shows, Project Runway. Wooohooo! Oh how I’ve missed this show, so much for reliving my dream to become a fashion stylist/designer.  I can’t believe that they are actually on to their season 16, they are still looking for applicants. Wow! Looking forward to watching it!

Anyway, I’m not actually going to relive my love for the show but to talk about an episode that strikes me. It was this episode wherein the contestants’ challenge is to transform these hideous bridesmaids’ dresses (not the photo above) to something high fashion. Check it out here.

Looking at those dresses, I thought, thankfully, I had never been a bridesmaid in my life. I don’t know how I would feel if a friend of mine asks me to be her maid and insists on me wearing a hideous dress like that. Lol! Then, I thought, I would never let anyone, including my bridesmaids dresses be as disastrous as those dress. I will ensure that everyone will be happy like I am and not regretting on attending my wedding.

Not that I’m currently planning my church wedding, but the moment I got married (civilly), I’ve created a board on my pinterest on Wedding Inspo. It got tons of pins, from wedding dresses, themes, bridesmaid dress, favors, invites, groom’s suit, all the inspiration I need if we set a date anytime now are already there. (If you have not followed me yet on Pinterest, click here.) Up until now I still keep on browsing and looking for inspirations for my future church wedding. 

The recent inspiration I found is from Pickedlooks. Pickedlooks is a most trusted dress store that designs ball dresses, prom dresses, formal dresses and evening dresses in New Zealand. They offer an enhanced boutique experience online with a wide range of beautiful dresses and fancy accessories. Check more details here.

Here are few of my favorite looks:

These three long ball dresses above are elegantly simple and has the right amount of drama in it. I wish I would wear one, soon! These are perfect for a graduation ball or prom night. You will instantly be a scene stealer!

These two dresses could pass as my gown! Oh how I love the details, that shine and glimmer; while the other one is just sweet with all those lace applique.

 So here are some of the bridesmaids dresses I'm eye-ing on, some of these dresses are probably on my Pinterest board. Dear friends, are you as excited as me? Lol.

Hope you got inspired as much I did! I would love to know where are you getting your inspirations, leave a link on the comment section below.

Happy weekend!



Saturday, March 18, 2017

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Spring and summer is just around the corner, and what better way to welcome it than with refreshing stripes. The 2017 spring/summer collections of top designers has great selection of stripes. I love to have them in my closet. How I wish they are affordable. If you want to see more of this season’s top trends, check out this article.  

Anyway, let’s talk about me again. Haha. My love for stripes has grown so much when I was pregnant and now my closet is full of it. I have it in different colors, thickness and style; and I still want more! One outfit at a time, I am also injecting my love for stripes in my son’s closet. Here in this post is a coordinated outfit of Niklaus and I; and here’s another proof.

We’re twinning!!! I’ve always find match-y outfits too cheesy, but when I found out I was pregnant, I started dreaming of it, with a daughter of course. But I was blessed instead with a son, and thought that my dreams would not be turned into reality. Haha. Love you Niklaus! 

I guess this is God’s way of challenging me to always think outside the box. And I did! In this outfit, I wore my navy stripes maternity dress, tie it up to give it some volume and to avoid it from reaching the floor. For my son, I got this stripes onesie on a sale at Petit Bateau. Oh I love this clothing line; it caters nautical clothing to all ages. It felt like this brand has captured my style. They are a bit price-y so I will surely save up and watch out for their next store sale.
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Happy weekend everyone!

~A & N

P.S. Photos were shot by my husband.

Niklaus at Ten Months

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Dear Niklaus,

We surpassed yet another milestone; you’re ten months old, a very healthy and happy baby. Yay! Thankfully you did not catch mommy’s sickness.

First things first, you have a tooth now. Hooray! It finally came about midway to your tenth month, and I don’t know why but instead of losing appetite because of your teething, you have instead acquired quite an appetite in semi-solids. Or maybe Mommy’s food has been way appetizing? 

Whatever that is, I am just thankful and happy that you liked most of the food I served you; you are now the one asking for another bite. Insert emoticon with sparkling heart eyes!

For the results of the monthly checkup, you now weigh 11.3kg and are 73cm tall. The pediatrician said that you’re in good shape. 

Here are the things you love:

1.       Balls – you love them now more than ever, you enjoy them the most when we play catch.
2.       Yellow Truck – Thank you Tita Bianx for this gift, this has been his favorite from the day he laid eyes on it, but now, we probably need a new one as the tires broke a couple days ago.
3.       Teether – more so if they are frozen.
4.       Books – you love it when Mommy reads it to you, you listen attentively and loves it when we reenact the story. I actually memorized two of your books and I think you did too!
5.       Crawling – I was worried that you won’t learn this (properly), but with your expanded play area; you are now everywhere. Going up and down of the bed to your play area and the laptop. Always finding ways to grab Mommy’s things.You move so quickly na!
6.       Nightly playtime with mom and dad – you really know how to play now, and can communicate when you want to. Oh Niklaus, you’re growing up too fast and smart.
7.         Watching TV – This is one of my frustration, I hope I will have it controlled. But watching Peppa Pig and Little Baby Bum on Netflix or the commercials in the local channel never fail to make you jump in joy.
8.       Nursery Rhymes – You love listening to them, I can see that you also seemed to have memorize them. If you can talk now, I’m sure you will sing them with me.
9.       Horse – Thank you Tita Iza for his toy horse, he really loves riding it and he can already mimic the movement of riding a real horse. Such a cutie!
10.   Black and White Blanket – he loves playing with it, we used it as a make-shift tent/teepee. He’s got the best reactions playing with it.

…and here are the things I love about your age now (let’s just limit it to that so I can finish with this post): 

1.       I love saying and showing you how much I love you, I hope you’ll not get tired of it, ever, especially when I start to get annoying both unintentionally and intentionally. This is really the months when you started learning that your mom could be really annoying. Haha! But I know you love it, too.
2.        I really love how attentive you are when we read stories to you. I hope you will really grow to be a book worm.
3.       I think you are the most playful now and I love how you call on us, reminding us that it’s our playtime.
4.       I love the look in your eyes when you’re about to do something you know you shouldn’t do. You sneaky little human!
5.       I did say you’re growing up smart, right? Haha, every time I try to bribe you with things or toys to stay on the bed, you always end up going to the bed and getting away with that toy/thing with you.
6.       You love dancing, and you want it best with dad or me.
7.       Your tooth, oh I love it so much, looking at it is so comforting and joyful. I even love it when you use it to bite me.
8.       You love when I sing to you and I love that, especially when it makes you giddy and smile.
9.       I think the teething makes you clingier, and I love it but please know that you’re dad is always there for you, too.
10.   I love how curious and patient you are, please keep being like that. Out of your curiosity, you discover a new toy care of my navel. You could stay and play with it for a couple of minutes.

Love you so much Niklaus!!! Mommy still has so many things to learn about you and how I can raise you to be a good man. I thank the Lord for your patience to your crazy parents. 

~A (Mommy)