Neons and Florals

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Floral Top from Landmark
White Jeans from Forever 21
Pink Suede Pumps from CMG

This post is supposed to start as "Summer is fast approaching.", but after today that wouldn't be accurate. Summer is already here! The amount pf sweat I excreted today can attest to that (sorry for TMI, it's just necessary to prove a point. Lol)

Now that's summer is here and it's spring somewhere, time to get your florals and neons out! I'm loving my mom's top, don't you? And yes I borrowed from my mom again. :)

Anyway, let's get on point. What I love about this neon floral top is that its neon and floral, haha, well aside from that, we can all agree that floral can be super girly, but the cut of this top provides some masculinity which is a good balance. I paired it with a white boyfriend-looking jeans, some light pink suede pumps and my maroon sling bag to finish my look. Simple and awesome, right!

I'm sure you can all put this kind of outfit in no time too. Tell me how it goes! Love love love to hear from you!

This look is available in lookbook here.


  1. Love those heels, they're perfection! xxx

    1. I agree! and I got them on sale, lucky me! <3