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Sunday, January 4, 2015

I'm finally blogging about our beach trip / Christmas party in Pico de Loro. This is just a teaser of my overnight trip with my lovely and wonderful friends #HGLF. Don't ask what does it mean. :D

A friendly advise to those who are planning to have a vacation in Pico de Loro, bring your own car or hire a rent-a-car or avail of the ferry services they offer. Don't try to go on commute! The bus ride is okay, the usual, but the trip from Nasugbu town proper is an 18 km, up and down, curvy road! The tricycle ride is really scary. The worst part in that is your arrival at the front gate where all the members and guest came with their cars. Good thing I got the best company, so we just laugh at it the whole time.

An obligatory picture at the front gate with the Pico De Loro sign. #groufie 

With my momo. <3

Here's our lovely and relaxing view. Ah, I missed it already!
Here's an outfit I wore on our way to Pico. I opt for something easy and comfortable since we will be in a three hour bus ride and almost an hour tricycle ride. If I knew the tricycle ride will be that long, I would have worn something else. Oh well, I think the floral dress makes me look fresh after all those adventuress . Or that's just me? hahaha

Photo credits to my momo :D

Floral dress from Forever 21
Platforrm sandals from Parisian
Shades from The Ramp
Beaded Necklace from Forever 21

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