Happy Nine Months Little N!

Monday, February 13, 2017

How time flies! From nine months inside my womb, you are now nine months outside of it. I am so proud of how much you've grown and learned. At nine months, you're like a toddler now, you have explored the corners of our little home. You are almost a the size of a one year old, weighing 10.8kgs, that's a 0.8kg increase from last month and now 73cm, another centimetre of growth. Your hair has grown enough to cover your head. Your still teething but your teeth are still a shy away from appearing. Never mind, the doctor said that's it still normal. 

You can say more syllables and can communicate what you want. You love rice and still trying to like other veggies and fruits. You love to munch on mommy's hand and anything you grab. Peppa pig is still your favorite show and it still makes you smile. 

I love that you're always looking forward to our nightly kulitan and will find a way to make that happen. I love you Niklaus! 


Happy nine months!😘

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