Mommy A's Goals: First Month Review

Monday, February 6, 2017

Hey y'all! Hope all is well. How's the first month of the year for you? It was exhausting for me. Yes, EXHAUSTING. Haha. I know these months would be very demanding at work, but I didn’t anticipate how exhausting it would be now that I have my baby and our family to take care of. There’s no time to not be an adult. Oh, but I am not complaining with my life, I am very grateful for my family and for my work, however, stressful it may get.

I do hope your handling life more gracefully than me, though. As with all the demands of our work, I hope you still find time in achieving your individual personal goals and spending precious time with your family. I am happy to report that however, demanding my work was and is, I was able to start on some of this year’s goals.  


Finally, I get to be with someone of my age, my dear friends from college. Last Saturday, we had a surprise bridal shower party for our dear friend who will get married in a few days. We had a blast and so was the bride-to-be, I sort of lost my voice the next day. As much as I missed my son the whole time I was at the party, I really enjoyed just being with myself for that moment. Looking forward to my friend’s wedding and more reasons to get-together with my friends.


We’re still on our weekly routine which involves grocery shopping, attending the mass, dining out and strolling in the malls near our house. Because of our hectic schedule at work, I could not demand my husband to go to new places. These past weekends, what I look forward is the comfort of our routine. But we will surely plan something special after all this has pass.  Anyway, whatever we are doing, I'm so grateful that we are doing it as a family.


I’m still a paranoid mom but little by little I am trying my best to be in control of my emotions so as not to limit my son’s exploration and learning. We try our best to let him have little bumps and fall so he’ll learn what to avoid the next time. He has a lot of interests these days but most of all he is enjoying on trying to stand up on his own and testing his balance by letting go on his support. My baby is growing up so fast! Aaaaggghhh! I am both delighted and frustrated with his growth. Delighted that he seems to be growing really smart and naughty; but, frustrated that I might not be able to have enough time to enjoy this moment with him. 


I know I still haven’t managed to blog weekly as promised, but having three posts in a month feels like a really good improvement for me. I also have planned topics in the coming weeks so that’s another sign that I’m getting more committed in updating my life online. I do hope that you will still be interested in my thoughts and stories.

Here’s one of my major improvement, cutting my hair this short. I feel like I’m ready for anything! I know you do!

Hair by David's Salon

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