What Keeps You Going?

Friday, February 24, 2017

I’ve been sick for the past week and after taking medicines, drinking lots of fluid, and eating fruits; I still am. I feel lightheaded every time I move which is why I’m writing this lying down on my son’s play area while I watch him play and watch his favorite show. Picturing myself in this condition but managing to watch out and take care for my son pushed me to write about the things that keeps me going and motivate me to be the best version of myself.

1.       My dear son, however sick I am or whatever I am feeling at the moment, his needs will always come first. He always push me to be an adult even if I couldn’t and don’t want to. He helped and reminded me always how easily we can be happy if we want to. 

2.       My supportive and diligent husband, he’s actually sick, too, probably he caught the sickness from me. But, that didn’t keep him from work which is truly inspiring. He also took care of me at times when my body totally fails me.

3.       Believe it or not, the stress of the long list of pending items has pushed me to report to work after a day’s leave. I managed to go to the office on Tuesday to Thursday, and finish some week’s deliverables. This may have not helped in my recovery but it sure did avoid me from a lot of stress.

4.       My dear readers, I have long wondered if there are any, but the trust of someone, sponsoring a post in my blog says something. This blog has been an outlet for me, for my passion and creativity, my thoughts and misadventures. Thank you for those who read through my post, I’d love to know you. Feel free to comment below.

5.       In relation to item #3, the bills that need payment would push anyone to work, however, condition they are in. It works for me, too. I guess that’s our survival instinct working for us. 

6.       My goals. My list is longer this year because of last year’s unachieved goals, so I need to take an extra effort and keep finding things and people that will motivate me. Share with me things that motivate you!

I hope in one way another, this list makes you want to keep going and to not stop on chasing your dreams and achieving your goals. However hard life gets, always find a reason to rise in the morning and live. Always decide to live and be happy!

Here's a photo of me from the time I consider myself as fit. Original post here.
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