Gift Ideas for Someone's Upcoming Birthday!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Yep that someone is me. My birthday is coming up in a few days and since I've been into Etsy lately, I decided to give my husband a favor of having a list of the things I want to receive for my birthday. You're welcome, dearie! To my friends and lovely readers, I don't mind you taking note as well. Haha!

So here it goes. Btw, I also include the link for you!

1. Knitting kits 
   When I became pregnant, just the idea of knitting gives me comfort. Now that I am a mother, it seems more and more appealing having a past-time like this. You know, something that follows a pattern and has a product that is useful. Very motherly thoughts, huh?

Kit to knit " Chic Mountain" Hat Alpaga LIMITED EDITION 
2. Personalized pouch 
   Can you blame me? These are really cute and its personalized. What can beat that? Lol. Plus, organizing things also calms me these days. I want everything to be in order and in place, so this would really help. Also, this may be tagged as a cosmetic pouch, but this will be used in several purposes. Oh and I'm not suggesting you got me several, just saying. Haha! 
FLASHSALE Initial Wreath Cosmetic Bag - Bridesmaid Gift, Birthday Gifts 
Mermaid makeup bag- Quote makeup bag-Unique gift- Toiletry bag- large cosmetic bag- Inspirational quote- Personalized cosmetic bag-beach bag 

3.  Wax seal stamp
     Always wanted one ever since I first saw it in a movie when I was a child. If you know me, you would know that I love to write letters in paper however ugly my handwriting is. My husband still receives every now and then. So, this would really give my letters a more personal touch and a Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings vibe, which is totally cool!

1pcs Elegant Gothic letter A-Z custom design alphabets Wax Seal stamp  initial wax seal stamp wedding card stamp DIY stamp 65  

4. New iPhone case
    Marbling whether in food, tiles or other surfaces is just beautiful. The mix of simplicity and elegance is perfect in this case. For the Girl Boss label, well, I have one employee, that is my nanny, so.

        Girl Boss quote marble White Phone Case- Personalised- Unique gift- Fun- Quote- iPhone 5/5S case- iPhone 6/6S case-Samsung Galaxy S5 case 

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