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Monday, December 1, 2014

Whoa... whoa.. whoa.. It's December!!! Hooray! It may be the busiest month of the year but it is also the happiest! Can't wait for all the celebrations and the gift giving, have you completed your Christmas shopping??? I haven't, but it's a good thing that sales are everywhere!

So here's an outfit I wore on a Sunday just chillin' around, because I was in the mall probably 10-12 hours last Saturday. Crazy, right! But those hours were consumed making most out of every penny, and of course spending time with my family. :D

It's not yet Christmas, but, hello tummy tummy! haha

Which is my better angle, this or?



This is my favorite shot, I think I look prettier and slimmer!!! Ha! New favorite pose! Woot woot!
I want to thank my mom for lending me her sandals!!! :D

Top, shorts and accessories from Forever 21, Bag from Cole Vintage, Sandals from Blanc Gold Dot (The Ramp)

So here's to all you foodie, Tinapa Rice, Crispy Dinuguan and Sago Gulaman all from Kanin Club, taste of home and more was captured in their every food! Yum!
How about you guys, how do you spend your weekends??? I'd love to know! I'm sure it's nothing but awesome.

This look is also on lookbook!

Photo credits to momo!

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