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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

It's Christmas eve in a short while, I'm excited to open my gifts. Are you?

It's been a while since the last post, the past couple of weeks has been nothing but busy, with all the works, parties, reunions and gift shopping. I couldn't find time to post so I think I have five to seven outfit worth of photos, so stay tuned to that.

For now, I want to share with you guys some of my comfort foods, Italian! I love pasta, pizza and cheese! <3 So here are some Italian foods from one of my favorites, Amici! I always had a great time dining with them!!! Indulge! :D

Bacon and pumpkin soup and Truffle mushroom soup :)

I think this is Florentina!

My favorite of the three, Vegetarian Penne!

Selfie with the food!

Sheer top BazaarBody con dress Forever 21Boots Forever 21Bag Cole Vintage

 Here's a monotone outfit for you, since I've been going to the #noshapedecember trend, not on purpose though, I decided to wear something black, and since a body con dress can show your curves which is actually kind of missing in me now, I put in some sheer white shirt. I finished my look with my black boots for an edgier look. Simple and edgy, right?

Merry Christmas everyone! Watched out for my festive posts!

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