Wednesday, June 28, 2017

So, I am thinking of doing some changes here in my blog, but I can’t decide on what to do. Here are my two options, need your help!

1.       Move to wordpress and have a fresh start. PRO: It will be a fresh start and I would be able to have a better focus on what I would want to write. CON: I don’t know if I can leave blogspot and the stories and memories I’ve shared on this blog. Is there a way that I can bring this with me to wordpress and have it as an archive?

2.       Stay here on blogspot, archive the articles that are not align to my focus of writing (is this even possible?), and re-launch my blog. PRO: I am more comfortable in using this platform and there will be no separation anxiety with my old articles. CON: I haven’t tried archiving my posts and don’t know whether I can do it selectively. Also, I am not sure if staying on blogspot will serve my goal of having a fresh start and better focus.

3.       Are there other options that I have not thought of? I’ve used tumblr before but didn’t find it very user friendly, I’m an old person when it comes to technologies. Haha




  1. I think pwede mo imigrate ang blogger (blogspot din ba to? hehe) to Wordpress para hindi sayang yung memories mo dito. Search mo kung possible. Masaya rin sa WP, madali gamitin and the people are nice din :) I have met a couple of mom bloggers sa WP na naging friend ko na online :)

  2. I've tried migrating my blogger posts to WP before but I paid for host, and template for my new blog. Eventually, I closed it down because I don't want to pay anymore. Then I went back to blogger. May reach the right decision for your blog.

    1. Thanks Mayen, I actually made the move. Hope you can check me out on my new home Thank you!