Mommy A's review: KFC's Salted Egg Yolk Fried Chicken

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Photo from KFC Philippines website
Definitely not a sponsored post. Just doing the public some real service. So there is a new KFC Filipino colonel and accordingly he released his new order of business, the new Salted Egg Yolk Chicken. 

So where should I start, okay first things first, impression. Honestly, I love salted egg, I paired it with my fried dishes and love the salted egg chips, so this idea got me curious. That weekend when it was first released, I ordered for delivery. Apologies for not having actual photos, but it might be a total giveaway, but I'll try my best to be as descriptive as possible.


It goes with the same paper box of the 1-pc or 2-pcs chicken of KFC. The rice is automatically a garlic fried rice, while the sauce is not mixed with the chicken but placed in a gravy container. Actually, the sauce turned out to be a replacement to the gravy.


The chicken used for this meal is KFC's hot and crisp variant and is paired with a garlic rice, which for me is a good choice. But that is not the case here, the consistency of the salted egg yolk sauce is that of a curdled milk with too much oil in it, while, the taste, well, I tasted more butter in it than the salted egg yolk. It felt so heavy and bland that I ended up using my husband's gravy.


As you may well derive from my descriptions, I did not like how KFC make the salted egg yolk sauce and wouldn't order it again.

That's all!



  1. Masyadong maalat, hehe.. Pero we took advantage of the 50% off promo kanina. Pina-separate ko ang egg yolk sauce hehe tapos hindi namin ginamit yung sauce :p

    1. Hahaha, good job! mukhang di talaga mabenta at may 50% off promo :D