Niklaus "The Wild One" Safari Party

Saturday, May 27, 2017

So Niklaus turned ONE! YAY! WOOT WOOT! He’s twelve months and he’s achieved so much more than I did, lol. In celebration of the happiest year of our lives and the milestone of Niklaus, we throw him a party! Here are the details:


We had several options for the theme, but since Niklaus likes animals and animal sounds so much. We decided to go for a Safari theme party. A lot of pinterest-ing happened a couple months before the big day.


We, I opt to go DIY on his birthday party and to make it practicable for me and the birthday boy. We chose the function room in our condominium. It can accommodate up to 80 persons and has full air-condition. 


Naks! Haha. Definitely not a novice, and a lot of things can be improved of, but I am really happy with the outcome of my DIY event styling. I’ve got help from dear friends and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you one by one, to Mayo for the huge cut-out animals, they were perfect, I hope you’re not mad that I wasn’t able to display all of it. To Mara, Pau and Wowo, thank you for being so early and helping me putting out the design. To Bianca for taking charge of the rest of the styling and giving me time to have a bath before the party. To my sister, Iza, who provided for almost all my styling supplies. Below are the sketch of the look I’m going for the stage and dessert table.


This cake is better than what I thought of!

White Safari Themed Outfits for Us.


I whipped up a program, filled with games for both the kiddos and adults, ensuring that everybody will have fun. Most of the games are animals related or Niklaus’s favorite, too bad, he’s too overwhelmed by the amount of love and wasn’t able to appreciate it as I hoped for. We also had a little raffle at the end where they read their notes to Niklaus on the greeting cards I distributed at the start of the party. I think they had fun, I did!


Catering by NowBaking is Now Cooking. Everybody was very pleased with the food. Some were able to have some takeaways, too. Thank you very making everyone delightfully full.

Dessert table by NowBaking is Now Cooking. Oh, I love how that my concept came to life on this dessert table, look at those cute animal butts! Hahaha, the fondue is totally inviting. It was a landslide on the coffee jelly and mango panna cotta. Look at the cake, Niklaus loves it so much, he even got the first bite!

Cut-out Names by Psalms and Palletes. This letters brought all my designs together. It’s just perfect. Thank you so much!

Animal stuffed toys from The SM Store. This is another rave at the party. Haha. Everyone wants to win one! I couldn’t blame them, they are just too cute, and they helped with the styling, too. Can you believe they are just Php100/USD2 each?

Paper Notes from Papemelroti. These are the prizes for adults, not bad, eh?

Succulent plants from Dangwa. Thanks again to my sister for finding someone to get this from Dangwa.

The Dessert Table! Just a perfect accent to a party and all the sweet goodies are more than satisfying!

DIY center table design. Yay or Nay? haha

We had a little photoshoot while my husband took over the program! 

The always lovely birthday boy!

Favorite photo of Niklaus and I!

The food! Yum!

Happy Birthday again Niklaus! Thank you all for coming to the little party we throw, I hope you had fun as we did.

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    1. Hello there! That's so nice to hear, thank you very much. 'til the next post! ;)

  2. Nice post Aizha!!! always reading your blog =)=)=)
    Super cute Niklaus <3


    1. Hi Yvonne! Miss you. Kinlig naman ako dun sa you're always reading my blog!

  3. Happy Birthday Niklaus! Ang galing naman ng DiY party ni Mommy A parang pang professional :)

    1. Thanks Meg! nakaswerte lang sa mga creative friends. haha