A Day At Venice

Thursday, April 27, 2017

You may think that our family went on a luxury vacation to Venice, Italy. Unfortunately and fortunately, this place is just in Taguig City. We went to Mckinley Hill a few days ago to do some errands, i.e., camera repair. Luckily, the repair center is right beside the Venice Piazza Mall, and so off we go. It’s actually our first time, so my husband and I got really excited. Venice Piazza Mall is inspired by the grandeur of the Piazza San Marco of Italy, with just an Uber ride. 

I really love how the mall has made you feel like you’re in Italy and they have wide range of restaurants, too. Since the place screams Venetian, I notice that most of the restaurant also offers Italian but has still kept some Filipino favorites, too. 

Some point of improvements to the mall, one is their ventilation, with the intense heat in Manila, the mall could do some improvement in this area since most of the hallway are open, hence, no airconditioning. Another point of improvement is the signage, we got lost a couple of times and a little help from the signage would be a lot of help. All in all, we enjoyed our stroll and took a lot of photos. Most of the areas are instagram worthy. Here are some of our lovely photos.

Me hearties!

Busy enjoying the architectures! lol.

Day or night, this place is just so lovely!

Favorite spot!!! My dream is that every corner in the city will have some beauty like this. Calling all urban planners, please make this happen!

Inarte lang po! hihi ^___^

Enjoying the view!
The camera who took most of the photos, by itsself! lol

For those of you who are planning to visit this mall, here are a few tips: 

1.       Be sure to bring some water, actually this tip applies wherever place you plan to go.
2.       If you’re a first timer like us, be sure to have a lot of patience because you’ll probably get lost, too, hopefully, not as much as we do. The instagram worthy spots would compensate for this part though.
3.       I didn’t get the rates for the boat ride since we could not ride as we brought my son’s stroller, so if you’re with a baby, it’s best if you would put him in a carrier. 

That’s all!

Happy Long Weekends!



  1. OMG your baby is so KYOOOOT! Want to pinch his cheeks and bite him. Haha

    Ochi | Ochi In The City

    1. Thanks Ochi, I'll bite him for you! Haha