Thursday, March 9, 2017

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Happy International Women’s Day to all girls, ladies, women and men who loved their women!!! Late I know, but better late than never. 

I grew up surrounded with women, belonging to a broken family and my grandfather died when I was an infant, I never really had an actual man figure in my life. I was raised by strong and independent women that include my mom, grandma, and sister, who had showed me how capable a woman can be with or without a man. They have helped me become the strong and independent woman that I am today. These are not perfect woman, and I learn from both their good examples and life’s mistakes. 

Yesterday, I idiotically asked my husband why was there no ‘”international men’s day”. Then, my mind laughed at me and replied: “Silly you, of course, it’s only for women as the men don’t have to fight for their rights and place in society”. This is a continuous fight and I thank the women before me, and the modern women who have fought victoriously for our rights. The freedom I have now to own things, to do the things I want and be whatever I want to be is all thanks to these amazing women who never stopped fighting. 

I have never been so involved in any advocacies but today, I take a stand on women. To continuously raise awareness on our rights and the many opportunities we can have. It will be one of my life’s mission to empower women through this blog and in every actions I take, I will make sure that it is align with this mission.

Let’s also not forget the men who have turned an open mind and continuously love, support and respect us.


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