Saturday, March 7, 2015

My take on preppy look for another day at the office. I remember one colleague commented that I look like a school girl, so I guess I succeeded in my preppy look, yes? Back in my high school years, I always envy those Japanese high school girls who look so chic with their uniforms, with their high white socks, pleated mini skirts, buttoned downs, and vest. I have dreamed of living and studying in Japan because of that. Then came the Gossip Girl who made preppy to the next level. Oh the Queen B is the best when it comes to preppy look, right?

But who says you can just wear preppy in school? So here I am and my preppy look in the office. Key to a preppy look are as follows: a pleated skirt, a buttoned down white shirt, a cardigan or a vest or a blazer and off you go! 

Leo cardigan from SM GTW
White buttoned down from The SM Store
Pleated skirt from Forever 21
White bib necklace from The Ramp, Crossings
A's on Bloglovin too!

Here's the best part of this post, FOOD! Enjoy!

Salmon and cream cheese bagel from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

5-cheese pizza and Creamy pesto penne with sundried tomatoes from California Pizza Kitchen

Homemade dumplings hotpot, spinach and rice from Seoul Garden

Pepper steak with egg from Pepper Lunch

Salmon scramble and brewed coffee, Eggs benedict and apricot Ceylon, all from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

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